facebook redesigns business pages

A tour of the latest makeover

Yes, they’ve done it again! Facebook has finally released its revamped business pages design, which was first announced on March 10th 2014. The new layout, which will only be available on Facebook’s desktop version, has a more “streamlined look” and looks very similar to the Facebook mobile app, accompanied with design changes and proximity to tools that page admins use the most.

Facebook Pages

Source: mashable.com

Months after introducing changes to users’ news feedsFacebook has rolled out a new version of its business pages, which gathers important details and actions all in one place, right below the cover photo. The most important of these changes are:

Facebook Pages

Source: facebook.com

New timeline design

Now only the right-side column of your Page’s timeline will list your posts; Facebook switched from the two-column to a single column timeline, which now resembles its user’s profile design. This means that all posts will now appear on your Page and in the News Feed.

Facebook Pages

Source: facebook.com

While previously your contact information were featured under your ‘About’ tab, the left-hand column will now include your most important details of business, listing your location on a map, your opening hours, phone numbers, webiste URL, reviews, photos or videos.

Facebook Pages

Source: facebook.com

New ease-of-management tools

More navigation options have been added to the Page’s menu, as the ‘Build Audience‘ tab will now provide you with direct access to your Ads Manager Account, for monitoring your activity, insights and settings.

As an admin, you will now have immediate access to the Facebook ads you’re running or interaction on your Page, including Page ‘Likes‘, unread notifications and new private messages.

Facebook Pages

Source: facebook.com

Your ‘Pages to Watch’

Facebook has also introduced the new ‘Pages to Watch‘ feature, under its ‘Insights‘ tool. Admins will be able to build a list of business Pages similar to their own, and constantly check upon their performance and weekly activity. This means that you will now have the chance to monitor and compare your Page’s ‘Likes‘, posts and engagement to those of your competition.

Finally, the ‘Posts‘ menu tab of ‘Insights‘ will incorporate a new feature which will enable you to view the past week’s most engaging posts from your Page or the Pages you’re monitoring.


Facebook Pages redesign

Source: facebook.com

I have been using the new Page’s timeline for a week, and this design is much more user-friendly. However, knowing how your competitors are doing is a very common business practice for centuries; and even though, the ‘Pages to Watch‘ feature is extremely useful, it probably crosses the “stalking” border… Do you think that Facebook has now gone too far this time?


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