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Back in Business!

Half-way through ‘Squared Online’ a new challenge was lying ahead; compile a multi-channel plan (with focus on digital practices) for Squarelle Tonacity! A brand new, high-end, DIY, multi-tonal home hair colouring product, accompanied with a bespoke application tool, which helps busy professionals get salon-quality results at their own homes.

Squarelle Tonacity

Source: Squarelle Tonacity – Group 12

Apart from our multi-channel digital marketing plan, the main idea was to work also on non-digital tactics and touchpoints, and try to figure out how different mediums – television, print ads, editorials, posters and PR – could all integrate with social and digital in a seamless way, managing carefully a quite generous budget!

The team incorporated many tools trying to come up with ideas of how to successfully promote this high-end product before launch. Like working on Google AdWords in order to identify those exact keywords which would help our Tonacity team reach the right audience, or checking how methods like BirchBox and BzzAgent could be used to generate mass reach and trial, and boost consumer advocacy/NPS through word-of-mouth, along with the power of blogging and social media to drive our reach even further.

Tools which helped us recognise the best ways to set up accounts to match the product’s potential customers, and also identify their position in the buying cycle. Tools which we will all try to implement in our current and future digital strategy planning adventures.

Check it out and start dying!


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