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A tour of the latest makeover

Yes, they’ve done it again! Facebook has finally released its revamped business pages design, which was first announced on March 10th 2014. The new layout, which will only be available on Facebook’s desktop version, has a more “streamlined look” and looks very similar to the Facebook mobile app, accompanied with design changes and proximity to tools that page admins use the most.

Social Media - Facebook

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Months after introducing changes to users’ news feedsFacebook has rolled out a new version of its business pages, which gathers important details and actions all in one place, right below the cover photo. The most important of these changes are:

Facebook Pages redesign

source: facebook.com

New timeline design

Now only the right-side column of your Page’s timeline will list your posts; Facebook switched from the two-column to a single column timeline, which now resembles its user’s profile design. This means that all posts will now appear on your Page and in the News Feed.

Facebook Pages redesign

source: facebook.com

While previously your contact information were featured under your ‘About’ tab, the left-hand column will now include your most important details of business, listing your location on a map, your opening hours, phone numbers, webiste URL, reviews, photos or videos.

Facebook Pages redesign

source: facebook.com

New ease-of-management tools

More navigation options have been added to the Page’s menu, as the ‘Build Audience‘ tab will now provide you with direct access to your Ads Manager Account, for monitoring your activity, insights and settings.

As an admin, you will now have immediate access to the Facebook ads you’re running or interaction on your Page, including Page ‘Likes‘, unread notifications and new private messages.

Facebook Pages redesign

source: facebook.com

Your ‘Pages to Watch’

Facebook has also introduced the new ‘Pages to Watch‘ feature, under its ‘Insights‘ tool. Admins will be able to build a list of business Pages similar to their own, and constantly check upon their performance and weekly activity. This means that you will now have the chance to monitor and compare your Page’s ‘Likes‘, posts and engagement to those of your competition.

Finally, the ‘Posts‘ menu tab of ‘Insights‘ will incorporate a new feature which will enable you to view the past week’s most engaging posts from your Page or the Pages you’re monitoring.


Facebook Pages redesign

source: facebook.com

I have been using the new Page’s timeline for a week, and this design is much more user-friendly. However, knowing how your competitors are doing is a very common business practice for centuries; and even though, the ‘Pages to Watch‘ feature is extremely useful, it probably crosses the “stalking” border… Do you think that Facebook has now gone too far this time?

source: www.socialmediafrontiers.com

facebook introducing slingshot

Slingshot disappearing messaging app to battle Snapchat

Months after attempting to acquire Snapchat, Facebook now hits back introducing a rival mobile application, calling it Slingshot.

Back in December 2012, after having recognised Snapchat’s huge success amongst teenagers, Facebook introduced its own disappearing messaging app called ‘Poke’, in their first attempt to battle it; the app failed quite badly, and has now been removed from the App Store. And then, back in November 2013, Facebook offered as much as $3 billion to buy Snapchat, an offer which was surprisingly (for many, author included) and loudly turned down by co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy!

Social Media - Facebook

source: mashable.com

But then, last February, Facebook hit back by purchasing the popular messaging service WhatsApp, in a deal worth $19 billion, making this their most expensive acquisition to date.

According to Professor Daniel Miller, part of the ethnographic researchers group of University College London who worked towards the Global Social Media Impact Study, youngsters are now abandoning Facebook, moving towards such mobile-first apps like Snapchat, Superchat or WhatsApp, which are simpler and much easier to use, keeping their conversations private and away from their watchful parents, who have now overtaken Facebook.

Social Media - WhatsApp

source: mashable.com

Nevertheless, Facebook demonstrates clearly that it understands the power of these direct and simple, fast-paced mobile apps, but it also recognises the importance to stay close and popular to its younger user base, and at the same time be able to attract more overseas users, since such mobile applications have been more successful in penetrating many international markets that Facebook still hasn’t managed to do so.

It is now believed that the social media giant has been planning and developing Slingshot for months, while Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO, is also believed to have been hugely involved in the project, in an attempt to pull back those youngsters who have been abandoning fast the Facebook ship.

The new Facebook mobile application bears a (very close) resemblance to another newly introduced video-messaging app called Taptalk, which sends ‘one-to-one pics and videos in a split second’.

Social Media - Taptalk

source: taptalk.me

It is believed that the new Facebook feature might already be out and running within this month; however, estimates suggest that the whole project might also be scrapped altogether.

Clearly enough though, Facebook understands that they will always have to drive ahead in the competitive and (many times) ruthless social media world in order to survive, and proved they are ready to use every means possible!

Well, as they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

source: www.socialmediafrontiers.com

dye hard

Back in Business!

Half-way through ‘Squared Online’ a new challenge was lying ahead; compile a multi-channel plan (with focus on digital practices) for Squarelle Tonacity! A brand new, high-end, DIY, multi-tonal home hair colouring product, accompanied with a bespoke application tool, which helps busy professionals get salon-quality results at their own homes.

Apart from our multi-channel digital marketing plan, the main idea was to work also on non-digital tactics and touchpoints, and try to figure out how different mediums – television, print ads, editorials, posters and PR – could all integrate with social and digital in a seamless way, managing carefully a quite generous budget!

Squarelle Tonacity

Source: Squarelle Tonacity – Group 12

The team incorporated many tools trying to come up with ideas of how to successfully promote this high-end product before launch. Like working on Google AdWords in order to identify those exact keywords which would help our Tonacity team reach the right audience, or checking how methods like BirchBox and BzzAgent could be used to generate mass reach and trial, and boost consumer advocacy/NPS through word-of-mouth, along with the power of blogging and social media to drive our reach even further.

Tools which helped us recognise the best ways to set up accounts to match the product’s potential customers, and also identify their position in the buying cycle. Tools which we will all try to implement in our current and future digital strategy planning adventures.

Check it out and start dying!

better late…

Than never! Part of our Squared Online Module 2 was to come up with a successful new online business idea; our ideas had to be creative, demonstrate innovation and relevancy, and show an in depth understanding of our client’s needs and branding objectives.

Every Squared was allocated to a group, and had to start interacting with his peers in order get to know one another, propose an original business idea and vote for the one that we could all see work! So, apart from coming up with an original idea that would potentially work and produce great results, the true challenge was to work in harmony and peace within a diverse team of nine Squares!

As expected, many strong business ideas were presented, which could be successful in the real world. And after several Hangouts and Google+ discussions, we’ve finally decided: let there be ‘Pitchalicious’! A cloud based web application that allows users to create and share rich media pitches to win new clients or business, following a Software as a Service (SaaS) revenue model.


Source: signup.pitchalicious.com

‘Pitchalicious’ has to be fresh and new and different in order to succeed in a very competitive market, with well-established players. In order to tackle this difficulty, we knew that our product had to be unique. We tried to identify those characteristics that would help us diversify our product from the rest of the pack. A fresh, user-friendly product with an intelligent and well-rounded support team, and a very active community which will offer valuable tips and networking opportunities.

Our objective is to attract the entire working population – particularly small and agencies and freelancers. We strongly believe that there is some serious investment potential here, particularly with regards to the size and accessibility of the target market. And even though we aim high in terms of investment capital, I strongly believe that our team presents a viable business idea, which shows serious prospects, and would soon attract  investors!

Are you interested?

social media can do your work

When used correctly, social media can be an amazing tool for all types of businesses; but still, there are those ‘old-fashioned’ entrepreneurs out there who can’t trust Facebook, Twitter and the likes to grow their existing customer base.

source: mashable.com

According to a Pew Internet Study, the number of Facebook users in the US over 65 has reached 35% while in 2013, 43% of Americans of 65 years or older were using at least one social networking site like Istagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Tumblr, compared to 26% in 2010 or a mere 1% in 2008.

On Twitter, the 55-64 year age bracket has grown by 79% since year-end 2012, being its fastest growing demographic, while the corresponding numbers for Facebook and Google+ for the 45-54 year age group have leaped over 46 and 56%, respectively.

So why are there still businesses that insist to ignore those fast growing demographics? And why do they fail to target them when they know that these are actually the ones that have money to spend on their products?

Social media is not that complicated!

Here are a few more reasons which might convince you that using social media for business might actually not be such a bad idea:

Brand and Positioning

Strong online presence can only make your product stronger! By knowing your customer base, you’ll definitely be able to build a loyal following base on social media networks. And by doing this, you can only grow bigger and bigger day by day, strengthening your online and offline market presence.

Brand and WOM

Use word of mouth to pave your way into the digital world. When you know your product, you also know your marketing; and when you do your marketing right, people will be happy to talk about it on social media. Getting and monitoring feedback is key; it can actually help you improve your product and the way you do business.

source: mashable.com

Be Brave, Communicate!

Open communication on social media can be an invaluable business tool, if used correctly! Just think of the amount of information exchanged publicly between you and your current or potential customers! If your communication is genuine, you should only expect the same from your audience.

Dummy Run

You don’t have to be an expert to check upon your metrics or website analytics; don’t be afraid to start using Facebook Insights, which can help you measure your Facebook marketing and engagement efforts, or Google Analytics, which can give you significant information on your site traffic and where that comes from. See for yourself what is driving your ‘Likes’, check which status updates worked and which didn’t, and how your followers responded to that important update!

Bespoke Content

When you own a small local business, or your product ‘works only’ on a specific area, wouldn’t you prefer to be able to offer your services only to those that might actually be interested in or be able to use them? Twitter and Facebook provide the option to localise content and geotarget your posts – why offering an active ‘walk-in’ promotion to your followers outside your area? Just keep it local and relevant, and it will work!

Managing social media for your business definitely requires an integrated approach, and calls for a significant amount of time and effort in building brand awareness through pins and boards, posts, groups, podcasts, tweets and so on. Success of your social media strategy is solely based on your unique presence and your charming and engaging manner.

What do you think? Are you willing to give social media another chance?

source: www.socialmediafrontiers.com

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